Simple Keno Strategies

Keno Strategies: Very similar to the lottery, Keno is popular in both formats—online and offline. People flock to this game because of it’s easy to play, offers huge payouts and has very large jackpots to play for. It is highly offered in comparison with traditional casinos. Though there aren’t any proven strategies, to win at Keno yet there are some that can certainly improve your chances of winning at this game, such as:

Look for a casino with the most attractive payout: Though it is true that online casinos offer much more by way of payouts than land-based casinos, yet here too the maximum returns vary from casino to casino. So, the best strategy for you would be to check out the casino that offers the most attractive payout percentages. This is also one way of lowering the house edge.

Use cards for many games: Now, by choosing to play several games, all you need do is to choose numbers once and use one ticket for several games. You can save time in this way, particularly if you always play certain lucky numbers and don’t want to pick them each time.

Practice before you play for money: Choose the free play option that’s available at online casinos. This can help you perfect your game before you enter a casino to play professionally. This will also give you time to see which of your strategies works for you without any loss of money. Once you understand the game well and are confident of the way you play, you can play for money.

Don’t pick more than six numbers: Not picking more than five or six numbers is considered good strategy for Keno as the odds of winning are lowered as you pick more and more numbers. So, curb your temptation of choosing 10 or 11 numbers on the grounds that your chances of winning will increase.

Keep your lucky numbers with you till the game ends: Once you choose your lucky numbers, don’t change them, but keep them with you till the game ends. Though this strategy hasn’t been proven, but it has given players larger bankrolls.

Pick consecutive numbers: It may be difficult to make the best choice of numbers from a batch of 80, but the trick lies in choosing consecutive numbers. Look for patterns when you play Keno or any other casino game because this is one way of judging just the fairness of the game.

Pick numbers that haven’t been drawn for some time: If you do this, you stand a good chance of winning. Though the results in online Keno are done by the Random Number Generator, it’s certainly surprising to see what good results you can get from this strategy.

Keno is a casino game that can be played all over the world and has made it big online as there is no online casino that doesn’t offer this fun game.